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Parents, Teachers and Friends Association of Sywell CEVA Primary School

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What does the PTFA do?

Our PTFA has been an integral part of the school community at Sywell for many years.  Its main purpose is to fundraise for ‘extra’ items or experiences to enrich the children’s education and learning environment.

However an important secondary aim is to support a happy, friendly school community through social events and activities that bring children, staff, parents and friends together in support of the school.

How does the PTFA work?

We are a registered charity, and must abide by Charity Commission regulations.   We are bound by a constitution, which sets out rules about how we operate, and we update the Charity Commission annually on our activities and fundraising.  A copy of our constitution can be provided on request.

Our committee usually consists of 3 Officers (Chair, Treasurer and Secretary).  We also have between 10 and 12 other members, including staff, to make up the full committee.   We meet on a regular basis, usually once per half term, to discuss fundraising and spending plans, which are communicated to parents via the school newsletter (published on Fridays), the noticeboard and the school website.

Our Annual General Meeting is held at the beginning of the academic year.  This is an opportunity for parents to hear in more detail about the prior year’s fundraising and spending, and to have a say in the coming year’s goals and activities.  It is also the occasion when we elect our new committee.  We send a newsletter out after this meeting informing you about the new committee.

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